"My husband and I are extremely pleased with our experience building our new home with Heisler Homes. We had invested a lot of time into choosing a builder in Waterloo to build our new home. We based our decision on the basis of quality, attention to detail, flexibility in custom design and reputation. Our decision to select Heisler Homes has proven to exceed our expectations in all the above. We love our new home which was custom designed to meet our needs and the quality of construction is evident throughout our home. The after sale service has proven to also be excellent with prompt attention and pleasant courtesy displayed at all times. The Heisler team on many occasions has offered us assistance on many issues not related to after sale service. Heisler Homes has an excellent reputation for quality, service, integrity and reliability which has consistently been upheld in our experience. We are extremely pleased with Heisler Homes and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a home of quality and beauty."

Cindy and Willy Galarraga

"My experience with Heisler was outstanding throughout the entire process. They build an excellent quality home, are well organized and offer a high level of customer service."

Trisha Siim

"Thanks to each and every member of the "Heisler Team" for making our new home purchase such a special part of our lives. From the moment we walked into the model, it felt right that a new home was in our future! Quality and craftsmanship surrounded. The list of standard inclusions was far superior to other builders. The idea of going to specialty suppliers was far more appealing than attending a design centre where you just get caught in the "ups"! The end result, working with everyone involved we got to do it our way and it couldn't have worked out better. Now, after almost six months in our new home we are extremely pleased, not only with our selections, but also with the relatively low amount of after sales service required. The whole team has been very attentive to our requests and follow-up has been swift and courteous."

Marsha & Jim Arnald 

"Thank you for having the patience to walk two rookie new home buyers through the entire process. We could not have done it without your help and guidance! We love our new home and cannot thank you and all the Heisler Team enough for the quality build, passion and dedication everyone has shown to us every step of the way from our first visit to the model to your after service follow up."

John, Alex & Lena Yost

"My wife and I have been in our new home for almost one year. We are extremely pleased with how well the house has been built, the very high quality of the interior fittings, cupboards, granite etc. and the overall attention to details. We also appreciate that a Heisler Manager has been onsite and readily available to new home owners ever since we moved in. This is our fourth new home and it is by far the best (Our Tarion deficiency list on closing contained only four minor items) all kudos and thanks to Heisler Homes for building a great home for us here in Waterloo."

Barry Griffiths

"I chose Heisler Homes to build my new house from a number of available builders. As Past-President of the Waterloo Region Homebuilder's Association I am familiar with and have knowledge of many builders in the Region of Waterloo. The staff and trades at Heisler Homes all work to a very high standard and I found Heisler Homes to be very dependable, and attentive to my build. They custom designed my home to fit my budget and advised on ways to improve the home. They accommodated my changes while remaining within budget and on schedule, always concerned with my position on all issues. Upon closing the deal I found the home to be everything I anticipated, with no issues with quality, and with all work completed in accordance with my detailed written contract and change orders. Any concerns (and they were very minimal) that I had subsequent to the closing were addressed in a timely matter and to my satisfaction. I would consider Heisler Homes to be one of the top builders in our Region, would use them again on another build and I would not hesitate to recommend them for your build."

Brian Campbell

"I’ve been in my Heisler built home for over 10 years and must say that building a custom home with all the details that I wanted is a very stressful adventure; if you don’t have a builder that is willing to cooperate and work with you. I am a very fussy individual and have high expectations for value in relation to the money I spend. My home is a true showcase and most people that have been in my home say that it should be featured in magazines. Is my home perfect? No. I’m not sure there is a perfect house. Is it above the standards that are present in most homes? I would say yes, in almost every category. Would I recommend Heisler to a family member or friend? Most definitely! Would I build another home with Heisler? In a heartbeat. I’m most likely not the easiest guy to work with given how fussy I am; but I must say that Mr. Heisler was very accommodating and the site superintendent Paul Szever who manages the trades people and the aftermarket service was great. There is still the odd occasion where I have called to get advice and have been treated very well. I plan on being in my home for a long time and I know that it will stand the test of time."

Ross Bauer

"Donna and I had a wonderful experience and found the sales staff very accommodating. Heisler is a high quality builder of custom homes and I would be eager to use them again."

Donna and Michael McGrath

"The name "Heisler" stands out as a quality builder when mentioned. I would recommend or build again with Heisler."

Tony Budram

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for a wonderful home. My wife and I had a chance to spend some time in it and we absolutely love it. We are very happy to have been able to design it from scratch. We also find the overall quality to be excellent."

Alex Truskovsky

“Exceptional after sales service/warranty experience…one call is all it takes. Customer satisfaction is great – Best Builder I have ever worked with.”

Jeff and Sherrie Kirby

“Pre-delivery inspection couldn’t be better – inspection was very thorough and the few items that where found where taken care of promptly – very impressive.”

“We are very impressed with the quality and pride of workmanship that has gone into the construction of our home – every detail has been attended to and at the same time we were always treated as valued customers – this has been by far our best building experience.”

Perry and Jana White

“We are very pleased with our Heisler built home. The whole building process was outstanding.”

Janet McDowell and Bruce Henderson

“I would fully recommend Heisler Homes to anybody.”

Michael and Susan Battler

“We would build with Heisler again and again. We love our home. We still drop by the model to see Monica. We recommend Heisler to everyone we know.”

Don Holland and Tina Cain

“As first time new home buyers, we had countless questions. Heisler never failed to address our concerns throughout the whole process.”

“We are very proud to say our home is a Heisler built home. The quality is evident both in and out. We had an absolutely wonderful home building experience with Heisler Homes.”

Oscar & Mary Simioni

“Monica was approachable, professional, punctual and available.”

“Prompt email responses from Tim gave us a comfort level as questions were answered. Paul was always available by cell phone or in person and knew the issues.”

“The quality of materials and workmanship was first rate. Any concerns we had were addressed promptly and effectively.”

Carl Zehr & Sandy Chris

“Great design – Well built.”

David & Christine Bristow

“I love my home, all in all great – solid product. Site-super has a personal touch and helpful. I would not hesitate recommending.”

Grant & Toby Egerdeen

“Our experience with Heisler was exceptional.

Our concerns were addressed promptly and always exceeded our expectations.

We were thrilled with our home. From our first encounter with Heisler, all of our expectations were exceeded. We have recommended Heisler to all our friends.”

Jennifer Lepitre

“Paul and Tim were exceptional to deal with! Everything was looked after immediately!”

Paul and Jill Edwards

“Thank you for the beautiful home. You are an amazing team of very talented people; it’s been a pleasure dealing with you.”

Tony & Jennifer Mouawad